180 Second Video Challenge

Let’s turn this world around! Show us how we can do a 180! In a 3-minute video, tell us how we can change the trajectory of the world and move to a more sustainable future. The purpose of this video challenge is to show the world what City Tech superheroes are thinking of to better our environment. What are you interested in? Is it, Innovative Energy, Environmental Justice, Communication and Cultural Arts or Policy, Law, and Regulations? Show us!

Your movie will be posted on our YouTube Channel and will play during this year’s City Tech’s Earth Day Conference, EcoFest 2022 ‘CRISIS‘ It’s Time To Take Action! on April 28, 2022. Your audience and judges will be your peers, scholars, and professionals in your field.

  1. Your video should start with a 5-second “title screen” that includes the following information: a) Project Title, b) Your name (or names if working in groups)
  2. Your video should convey your ideas on how we can reverse our negative impacts on the environment.
  3. You can record yourself and your friends and/or use material from the internet.
  4. Video entries should be 3 minutes (180 seconds) long.
  5. Make sure to cite your sources (including music) at the end of your movie.
  6. Save your video as a .MP4 file. Use the following format to save your video: FirstNameLastName_Project Name_ECOFEST 2022.mp4
  7. Upload your video by April 26 2022, here: ECOFEST 2022 -180SecondChallenge
  8. Watch and ‘Like’ your favorite videos here: https://tinyurl.com/ECOFEST2022-
  9. Join us Thursday, April 28,2022 as we countdown to the most ‘Liked’ videos EcoFest 2022 ‘CRISIS‘ It’s Time To Take Action!