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What’s up to whomever is reading this. My name is Dillon Sykes, and I’m majoring in Graphic Design at New York City College of Technology. I’m from Long Island, born and raised and for some reason going to school in the city, I get judged for it. I don’t really understand why, whatever. Not being from or have ever lived in New York City when I first started here 2 years ago it was like jumping into a totally different world. Given I spend a lot of time in the city, but the going to school aspect made it different. Most of my artistic inspiration comes from sneakers and the culture revolving around them. I’ve been collecting sneakers for almost 6 years, and my hope is to one day either have my own sneaker company, or be a design for an existing brand. In a nutshell that’s all what really sums me up, sneakers, school & work. I work at a pizza place so there isn’t too much going on there you couldn’t guess. That’s that, have a good one and keep it real.