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Documenting my career as a student at City Tech. Some of my work, and ideas.

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Assignment #4- Freestudy

This free study was interesting, not entirely challenging though. Going from chromatic, to muted […] See MoreAssignment #4- Freestudy

Assignment #3 Painting

This project I found really tedious and frustrating, not because of the actual difficulty, but […] See MoreAssignment #3 Painting

Assignment #3

This is my cut-up picture of Ming. In comparison to the original vs. the one done in […] See MoreAssignment #3

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Comment on "Assignment #3"

I love the presentation in this collage. The low key contrast really brings out what you are […] See MoreComment on "Assignment #3"

Comment on "Assignment #3"

This is a great collage representation of me. Favoritism aside due to the subject of the collage, […] See MoreComment on "Assignment #3"

Comment on "ADV1100- A View From My Window"

I can tell which ones were ambiguous and stable in the cut compositions. They really help me […] See MoreComment on "ADV1100- A View From My Window"