Assignment #3

This is my cut-up picture of Ming. In comparison to the original vs. the one done in photoshop, this one has more of a low-key look to it in my opinion and in comparison to the hand made one. After my painting was pretty broad, I had to make the attempt to make this either high or low-key. Understandably this has some light spots, but without them there would be not differential in shades and everything would’ve just looked dark and confusing.

2 thoughts on “Assignment #3

  1. This is a great collage representation of me. Favoritism aside due to the subject of the collage, I really like the contrast between white, black and grey. I can clearly see that you were trying to make this into a low key collage. There were more dark values than light values in this composition. I like how the dark value contrast with the light value cutouts. One thing I think could use some improvements would be to fight a distinct focal point. My eyes are looking everywhere in this collage. If there was a good focal point based on the rule of thirds it will make this collage even better and would help me know where it will lead me in the low key collage.

  2. I love the presentation in this collage. The low key contrast really brings out what you are trying to make. There are no obvious features that I have noticed which makes this collage even more interesting. The use of Ming’s hair on the sides make it look unique, as if the objects are dripping down the page. Overall, this is a great collage. Keep on the good work!

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