It is a Manhole cover with a Dr in the middle and around it has texture with the words Rodriguez Design and New York City at the bottom

Manhole DR

This is my banner and it is a design of a manhole cover that has my initials in the middle and surrounding it say Rodriguez design and at the bottom it says New York City. The way I got to this idea that i wanted to do a manhole cover was that I saw someone paint on the floor a fake manhole cover on the street. It was amazing that is when it hit me that I would do something similar by combing my skills on photoshop and try to add my fascinations of graffiti art. I use the initials from logo and place it at the center of the manhole cover. I research a lot about manhole covers. I mainly focus on manhole covers in New York. when I finish my cover I was amaze by how similar it look to a normal cover.