On my next visit, I was told to meet my supervisor at the studio. When I enter the studio I saw one of the big metal sculpture that she told me about. It was called moving forward. It was 2 long metal pole twisted and in between, they are two twirl metal plate that moves if the windblown at them. She later introduces me to her husband who is the man behind all the metal welding in her sculptures. She designs the sculpture and he would plan out the build of the sculpture. They both are very nice and able to work well together.

They have been working together for over 20 years.  They ask me if I know how to sand metal. I told them that I have sand wood but not metal. So she handed me a piece of metal and sandpaper to see what I know. They were surprised that I know how to sand in the same direction because that is the correct way to do it. Then she asks me to help sand one of her small sculpture. She told me to sand the side and the base of the sculpture. So that my first day at the studio it was very productive and fun to work with such talented people.