Today I went to the home office and today my supervisor told me that has an assignment for me to do. It is to create an ISDay flyer for the upcoming event. She also told that she also have to other interns working for her. She told they are both from city tech just like. She told me their names and email address to contact if we needed to discuss the flyer. We each have different photos but the supervisor and I created the text that would go on the flyer. The supervisor gave me permission that we as interns can meet offsite to work on the flyer together. She had a side project for because I am good with the rhino program. She needs me to make a geometric template for her laser demo for the class she teaches at city tech. She gave a guide just in case I get confused. Later this week I send an email blast to the intern that we should meet up and work on the flyer. Only one intern responded which was Raymond. So he and I agree to meet this week to work together on the flyer.