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About Me


At the New York City College of Technology, I decided to go through the Entertainment Technology rout. Knowing and learning about the technical aspects in the entertainment world is very interesting and inspiring to me. Entertainment is everywhere; it’s all around us. It plays a huge part in our everyday life.  In this particular field my interests is video, photography, and lighting, which is great because they go hand in hand with each other. I have learned many camera techniques and skills as well as learning Final Cut Pro, which is a program to edit video. In my photography class, I have learned Photoshop and how to light a set to get the perfect picture. I knew right away that this was the path to my career and future.


I have been influenced by the world. Like I have mentioned, entertainment is everywhere. It was the desire to know how it all comes together, from concerts, broadway shows, television, films, commercials, ads, etc. My career goal in this field is to work in a television studio. I have so many inspirations to why I’m on this path. Director Robert Zemeckis, who directed a well-known movie, Forrest Gump. He has also worked with Steven Spielberg, who has produced some of him films. I would love to work on a set for a film or even a television studio. I am happy to even say that I am apart of the Saturday Night Live family, which is a dream and a privilege. A beautiful start to my future.



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