My goal in the industry as of right now is to finish my internship with Walt Disney World. Hoping to get back to the hotel business when I return to New York. I see my future either in the front office or in corporate office within a hotel. I would like to find a job as a front desk agent, wishing to become a front office supervisor or front office assistant manager by 2017.

I’ve worked as a front desk agent before in a boutique hotel in Herald Square. The experience was amazing. Although it was quite a small hotel that only had 124 rooms, I learned a lot. The front office would help the reservations department in taking reservations when they would leave at 6 o’clock PM. The front office department was also the concierge as well. I learned to make reservations and to assist guests with any inquiries. It was a pleasure working there because I really learned the definition of teamwork and the responsibilities of each department. I’ve also worked in the food and beverage industry as well, working in places such as bakeries, tea houses and fast food chains. I have a wide variety of knowledge in customer service.