Social Media

After completing the infographic and attending the expo with my boss I returned back to work and began to design social media content for all platforms including twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. One of the first posts I created for Medicate Me (above) took many revisions to get the initial template that we all agreed would work the best on Instagram. We decided that very little copy and a kind of softer image would work best on Instagram due to the fact that many people tend to flick very fast while using that app. After deciding on a look and feel of our posts I began to make a library of images taken from free sites like Unsplash in order to make our imagery cohesive.

Now that I had created a library of images and established a feel to the brand I began to work on other social media platforms like Facebook (above). Because of the different sizing of a Facebook banner I felt as if the design wasn’t as impactful in this format. After realizing this I contacted my senior designer and we went through a few different reformats of the design until we both decided that a full format picture would work best.I also needed the show that this app was diverse and easy for people of all ages to use so I was able to come up with this banner (below).



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