After about a month of being at my company I was also teamed up with the Operations manager of our Social Media as well as the host of my company’s podcast Justin Michuad. Meg, my senior designer, decided that we would work best together at keeping the social media platforms up to date with what the company was doing as well as testimonials from people Justin has interviewed on his podcast. Above and below are two examples of Instagram posts i have created using direct quotes from users of our app. Corey Batchelor (above) was able to get a picture to us. Initially my design included a larger picture of Corey with text laid over it however Meg pointed out that with a quote we want to make the words the most important element in the post not necessarily what the person looks like.

In my second post I was forced to use a different approach for George Pappa’s quote (above) because I was not able to acquire a picture of him. After going through the library I created when I began my internship I stumbled across this picture of a forest from above. Due to the overwhelming amount of elements in some of the other nature photos I have, this was the easiest to read text on top of. I learned that although there is a branding guideline for a company, each post or advertisement needs to be tweaked slightly due to the resources I have available to me.

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