On September 27th I attended the New Jersey CannaBusiness Expo in Kenilsworth, NJ. This was the first networking event I have attended not as a student but as part of a company. At first I was a little intimated because it was on me to document this event as well as make sure I kept track of all the potential investors that we met. Throughout the event my boss Josh and I were able to interview many people including former DEA agents and retired NHL and NFL players. Not only did I learn about PR during this expo but I also learned a lot about the current state and future of cannabis as a business. After interviewing players like Eugene Monroe and Riley Cote we were able to that information and quotes and apply them to our companies testimonies and ads.

While at the event I was able to do some networking of my own as well. A few times throughout the day Josh and i separated because he wanted me to go and interact and connect with other potential clients. I thought this was a great opportunity to get rid of the crutch of my boss to lean on and go out on my own. I was able to make connections with a magazine company called Sensi magazine and hope to send them some of my work soon.

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