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Just Another Great Work Of Art


I made these icons by hand and enhanced them by working on them in Adobe illustrator. I believe that if I had the opportunity to put color in them then I would have. Doing most of my projects made me realize that using the negative and positive space is very essential.

Click on the link and enjoy it. Comment if you have suggestions to make it better.


Spring 2016

My spring 2016 semester was very interesting and also intuitive. I was able to take the second part of my Graphics Principles class and I was able to take the second part of my Typography Class. The drawings and proofs you are about to see above is all about my projects during that time. Enjoy!

Two Point Perspective



The best person trying to draw. I became in love with doing 2 point perspective drawings last semester and this time I did something that Ive always wanted to try. Drawing a city in two point perspective. I did my best and this is it. 

Tints, Tones, Shades

image I love the color blue but i hate paint. The hardest part about this project was knowing the dofferences between     Tints tones and shades. The paint got really messy. Certain drawings didnt come put correctly but all in all i love what i did. I have grown alot from this project.

Surrealism At Its Best!

20141208_082955 Surrealism is weird objects and abnormal things placed everywhere from a magazine. MY surrealism project tells a story. It is basically about a woman looking outside her window thinking about watching a show called New Girl. She is seeing a man dead on top of a car and wonders how the tire got there. Then she sees a car jumping off the other building and crashes on the side of her building.

My BEst Project


My Best Project Yet! What You See Is What You Get!

I had an amazing time doing this project. I loved the illusion the paper is giving off. I felt very confident with this project. ThE most hardest thing about this project was being able to sit there and actually see where the lines were going. I did get confused in the beginning but then mastered it afterwards. I personally feel this is MY BEST DRAWING I HAVE EVER DONE!

My First Post


My first abstract project. Going into this class I hated drawing. i thought i had no skills at all. Then when i did this project i was proud of myself. I accomplished my first drawing in a decade. I thought that the toughest thing about this project was knowing the negative from the positive.