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Internship Journal Entry 6

Spend the last week working on a flyer. The color scheme is cold and the logo is currently under redesign which I’m fully involved with as of 3/21/2016.

The type was placed on the left with justified light font for the heavy text. With a fairly basic structure for the heading being bold and subheading regular to create the hierarchy. With the three logos I was trying to create repetition and a visual triangle around the text to draw the eye in and interest the reader.

I understand that the middle logo is huge, I was trying to juxtapose it with the type and aesthetically express that this is what CN is. It’s actually the same height as the text I made it that size on purpose.

the bottom image wasn’t mine I used a template to present what the book could possibly look like.


Internship Journal Entry 5 Self Evaluation

Throughout my internship with CN I’ve worked hard on conceptualizing and finishing things in the sketchbook before going to the digital. I’ve worked hard to deliver things asked of me on time but I lack the attention to detail.

For the rest of March I’ve been trying to improve that character flaw. I am very punctual when it comes to work but not so much during school and the balance could at times be hard to maintain when my personal life goes haywire. So time management is my biggest flaw that I will be working on to fix.

As my beloved professor in high school David Mahl taught me ” In life things often fall on top of you from all angles; school, work, love, family. It’s always going to seem to be crumbling down all together at the same time. “

Internship Journal Entry 4

Had my first meeting with Director of Development Jewel Escobar on March 8. Development is the department that helps organizations grow. They are responsible for many things including reaching out to potential foundations for for donations and support to put a project through.

Director Jewel has opened my eyes to the processes that take place in order for an organization to function and attain their set goals. There is a sense of purpose and what she’s doing in all her daily tasks. Jewel reminds me of a quote by Paul Newman from 1964 Hustler ” If one knows what he’s doing and why he’s doing it anything can be great.”

There are different type of organizations that non profits and start ups rely on to survive sometimes it’s individual investors, or buy outs like the once that google does every now and then that hit the news all these things, others it’s foundations and the federal government. There are many ways to make your ideas come to reality and it’s very inspiring to intern at Convergence Network.

Internship Journal Entry 3

As far as company culture goes it’s work casual no one really has ever commented on the dress code. However a real life anecdote during my interview I was so nervous meeting with Mr. Soiffer (my now supervisor) that I wore:

black dress shoes,

with black dress pants

held up by black straps for pants,

over a black shirt

with a grey Tie on.

I must’ve looked like a Gothic clerk Simon a colleague who showed me around the office that day told me I looked great which was a great relief. But ever since then I just dressed work casual.


Internship Journal Entry 2

During my internship . My role is graphic designer+. I say that because while designing presentations and proposals is interesting I’ve been involved with public relations quite a bit.

Public relations is kinda like an art form in that you must be on point at all times and it’s important to be responsive to last minute changes. I’ve yet to be effective at it and have light years to learn but it humbles me to understand my own shortcomings.

While working on the text heavy brochures I’ve learned a lot about the differences between symmetrical and asymmetrical grid systems.


(Image Source :

To summarize either may be effective in it’s own, the important thing is to understand your audience. Understanding who is going to be consuming your information is more essential that your skill level because as long as you deliver on the content and present it in a way your audience is able to understand the message well that beats all the drop shadows and lens flares.

Internship Journal Entry 1

This semester I’ve been interning at the Convergence Network a publishing startup aiming at publishing a creative showcase of CUNY creative student work among other projects. Their main goal is to acquaint students from different campuses but in similar majors to one another. Thus promoting collaboration,¬† community engagement and networking among peers.

Mission Statement:

Our organization aspires to bridge and introduce students from the creative fields across campuses. Create a platform for exhibiting student work, invite peer to peer criticism and discussion. We will strive to establish better professional ethics, evolve portfolios, and work hard towards ensuring better employment opportunities.

I found this opportunity through the Dean of The School of Technology and Design, Kevin Hom  and my dear friend Muhsin Alam who studies Architecture and Design.

Assignment 5

Film Noir Script :
[Close up] of a gold fish swimming along calmly.[zooming out]
In¬†a fish bowl half full on top of the dresser full of algae (fish still swimming around).[zooming out] The window behind the dresser shows a nightly lit city scape, it’s raining.
as the camera zooms out  window drapes are blown in the wind.
[slowly zooming out] now we see the bathroom door opened with a light peeking in and a hand on the floor.
[zooming stops] we get a second to see the whole scene and BANG BANG muzzle flashes fill the room.
“END” appears on the screen.


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