Internship Journal Entry 2

During my internship . My role is graphic designer+. I say that because while designing presentations and proposals is interesting I’ve been involved with public relations quite a bit.

Public relations is kinda like an art form in that you must be on point at all times and it’s important to be responsive to last minute changes. I’ve yet to be effective at it and have light years to learn but it humbles me to understand my own shortcomings.

While working on the text heavy brochures I’ve learned a lot about the differences between symmetrical and asymmetrical grid systems.


(Image Source :

To summarize either may be effective in it’s own, the important thing is to understand your audience. Understanding who is going to be consuming your information is more essential that your skill level because as long as you deliver on the content and present it in a way your audience is able to understand the message well that beats all the drop shadows and lens flares.