Internship Journal Entry 4

Had my first meeting with Director of Development Jewel Escobar on March 8. Development is the department that helps organizations grow. They are responsible for many things including reaching out to potential foundations for for donations and support to put a project through.

Director Jewel has opened my eyes to the processes that take place in order for an organization to function and attain their set goals. There is a sense of purpose and what she’s doing in all her daily tasks. Jewel reminds me of a quote by Paul Newman from 1964 Hustler ” If one knows what he’s doing and why he’s doing it anything can be great.”

There are different type of organizations that non profits and start ups rely on to survive sometimes it’s individual investors, or buy outs like the once that google does every now and then that hit the news all these things, others it’s foundations and the federal government. There are many ways to make your ideas come to reality and it’s very inspiring to intern at Convergence Network.