Carol Diamond | HD08 | Fall 2021

Discussion: Introductions

Add a comment to this post introducing yourself to the class. You could include your academic interests, why you chose your major, what you enjoy reading, listening to, watching, and doing in your spare time, or anything else you want to share (include your pronouns, if you wish).

Before next class, please add your introduction and read the comments.

Get to know your classmates! Reply to one of your classmates’ comments. Do you have something in common? Did you learn something? Be kind.

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  1. Christian

    Hello everyone my name is Christian and the reason why I chose this major is because I want to improve my overall skillset with graphic design as last year I desired to push myself to try something new and during the last month of 2020 I finally decided to take a chance at Adobe photoshop and I never looked back since then as I knew I wanted to take this more seriously by enrolling into school for a major I would enjoy going into.

    I enjoy reading self help books and books that would give me knowledge and become valuable information for myself.

    I always try to give things a chance when it comes to music from hip-hop to rock and roll (grunge, alternative, garage, 70’s-80’s rock and roll) outsider music, a bit of blues, pop music and any type of music that is nostalgic to my childhood is what I enjoy. I love finding new music especially if it is something I have never heard.

    My favorite things to watch lately are mostly documentaries/docuseries and horror, thriller movies and some comedy shows.

    I love fashion and the Yankees.

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