From the Field


  1. Talk about at least one thing that you found surprising, confusing or exciting about the place we visited today.. OR.. What are some further questions that you have about what you saw today?

    – While at Tinybop headquarters today I realized that it takes a lot of time to create an app. It goes through many people before the actual finalized piece is posted in the app store. I was unaware that they only used sold their app on ios devices which was a shocker to me because I would expect them to have android as well. But in terms of revenue it is understandable why they chose to sell only on ios. I really liked the way that there office was setup. It reminded me of a homey feeling which makes it easier to think of ideas when you are comfortable in your surroundings. I also like how Tinybop focuses their apps on educational things like the picture above of the elephants muscle system. The apps they make are not only fun but educational at the same time which is good because kids are always trying to play games especially this day in age.

  2. What are some different jobs you learned about today? Are there some that you never knew about before this visit? Are there any that interested you for your own career path?

    – I learned about many different job positions while at Tinybop. After doing some more research I realized there was even more than what they mentioned during our conference. Some jobs include Technical artist, IOS engineer, Editorial Consultant, Research Lead, Unity Engineer, Sound designer, Unity 3D Developer, Product manager and so on. Most of the jobs they spoke about I was unaware of but what most stuck out to me was the IOS engineer because in the future I can see myself working with creating apps.

  3. How has today’s visit change your perspective on how to go about your design work? For example, if you are a graphic designer for print, what did today’s visit mean for you in terms of how you might change the way you go about designing images for print?

    -After the visit to Tinybop I realized that it takes a whole team of people to create one thing and that trial and error is very important when it comes to design. The visit really inspired me into getting into how to create apps. The process they explained was very influential to me and I would love to be able to create an educational app that a user can not only play and have fun but also educate themselves while doing so in the future as they do at Tinybop.