Visual Quote

The quote I chose for this assignment was, “Whatever you are, be a good one” by Abraham Lincoln. I wanted to chose something that was unique and inspirational and I think this quote did a good job doing that. This quote is relatable to everyone because we all goes through a decision in life in what we want to be and to be the best we can in that field. This quote is saying be who you wanna be just be a good one and I really like the idea and freedom you get out of it.

For my first concept I wanted to keep my idea very simple. I did not want to include any fancy lines or anything. I wanted to get straight to the point and show the quote. I used a helvetica like font for the words “You are” and “good one” so that the eye reads it out first. The “whatever” and “be a” are written in a script font. I wanted to show a little more lose feeling which is why i chose the script font.

For my second concept I wanted to include the person who said the quote which was Abraham Lincoln. I decided to make his name large and put it in the background in a low opacity white. The font for the quote are a san serif which is easy to read. I made “you are” and “good one” larger then the other words so that “Your are good one” pops out.

For my final concept I used a picture of a unicorn because what is more unique then a unicorn? The unicorn was blue and purple which is why I used the gradient color for the quote. For this concept I wanted to include fonts that looked handwritten to represent uniqueness as well. For the words “Good One” I wanted to use a script and make it bigger to give it a more lose look to it.