Video Project

For my life in a day I wanted to focus on the process of owning my bird.


The word I started with was love. I wrote down most of the things I love and the one that really caught my eye most was my bird. I decided to expand on the word bird in which I wrote down all the things related to owning my bird.



After getting some clips together of my bird I was able to figure out what order I wanted to put them in and the storyboard was really helpful because it showed how my video would visually progress. On the first sketch I am opening up my curtains in the morning so that my bird can see that its daylight outside and that its time to get up. The second sketch is my bird in her cage which in the video I open up to let her out. The third shows my bird on one of her favorite spots which is the fan. The fourth she is eating her food. The fifth is me giving her daily scratch which she loves. Lastly the fifth sketch is of her back in her cage ready to sleep.