My Philosophy of Nursing

When I think of nursing, it’s not just a career. I believe the values of nursing can be applied in life, and every day situations. During my journey through nursing school, my philosophy of nursing has grown and broaden with the education I’ve obtain through the years.

As a nurse, my focus is to provide high quality, culturally competent care to patients and their families within the scope of practice. My goal is to treat the patient in a holistic manner that is guided with trust, honesty, and respect.

Education is an essential part of nursing. Nursing is constantly evolving and with the growing population, technology, new treatments and medications, it’s important to keep ourselves up to date with the latest information. Education can also influence what we teach our patients and what we teach, should be guided with evidence based practice.

I believe communication is vital in nursing. Communication between patients and the health care team, can impact the type of care the patient receives. Communication, both verbal and nonverbal, can tell a lot about what a patient is feeling and it can bring about a trust- helping relationship.

I believe that its my duty, as a nurse, to bring out the best in my patient. I can accomplish this by promoting autonomy, self dignity, and confidentiality. It’s my responsibility to advocate for my patient, communicate their wants and needs, and educate them in the process of treatment.

Advocacy, knowledge and cultural competence is vital as a nurse.

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