Learning self analysis

As I look back on my journey through nursing school, I noticed how much I’ve grown as a nurse and as a student. I remember after I graduated from the associates program, I felt as if I knew all the information that was necessary to be a competent nurse. I thought to myself “whats the point of this BSN program”. Only after I started my first few baccalaureate classes (physical assessment and nursing research), I then realized how much information and knowledge I was missing out on.

All of the nursing courses I’ve taken challenged me in to being open minded and to aim for one important goal. To be the best and promote the best. As I became more knowledgable, my views on nursing, education, and patient care have changed. With the knowledge and exceptional qualities of the professors, I was encouraged and motivated to succeed.

Now here I am, one semester away from walking down the aisle for graduation. Not only am I confident but I’m prepared to go out in to the world and make a difference. I am proud to go out and say I am a baccalaureate prepared nurse. And the road to success doesn’t end here, it only grows!

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