Service Learning Project: Part 1 and 2

Goddard Riverside Senior Center4

In the Spring semester of 2015 at New York City College of Technology, Donna Hemraj and Nadia Smith embarked on a journey to examine the community of the Upper West Side. This journey lasted approximately 12 weeks, starting on January 29th through May 10th, 2015. During these weeks, they gathered pertinent information and data about the neighborhood and used a variety of resources to help aid in their teaching sessions. The population they served was the senior citizens at Goddard Riverside Senior Center.

Throughout this semester, Donna Hemraj and Nadia Smith took on many different roles while advocating for their community. They both took part in assessing, planning, and implementing a course to tackle the top leading cause of death in area code 10024. During this journey, they collaborated with directors and took on decision-making roles to meet the needs of seniors at Goddard Riverside Senior Center. While planning and implementing they used a variety of resources. Their resources came from books, online data/ PDF/ statistics, and pamphlets and brochures provided by New York City College of Technology wellness center.



Goddard Riverside Community Center is located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It covers the Upper West Side from West 59th street to West 110th street, and Central Park to the Hudson River. This community ranks as one of the most densely populated areas in the city, with over 200,000 people living in this area. This is a very diverse community. Approximately 66% are Whites, 16% Hispanics, 9% Blacks and 6% Asians. This area is comprised of mostly young adults to middle age adults; their education is that of a college student (68%). This is a clean, family friendly community with apartment buildings and small storefronts. The subway station and bus service is all within walking distance. Overall, this community is very accommodative and seems like a nice place to live for people of all age group and backgrounds.


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