Research Themes

CityTech team will research and develop technologies and building techniques at least for the following areas:

● Vertical solar panels efficiency and optimization
Make a louvre system with solar panels advantage put on vertical surface (NYC Needs this)
Motorize louvres:   will this increase efficiency> Also will this be problematic for windows etc.
● Mobile devices tracking and optimizing indoor air quality
Architectural implications, virtual data display system
● Super EIFS cladding systems with new exterior finishes and interior reflective surfaces (R50+) add a change state material?
● Interior wall finishes that allow for evaporation cooling

Alternate topics:
● Waterfall Dehumidifier
Counterintuitive but this could be built as both de and humidifier.
This has been engineered but needs better design
See entry 102 Stevens-Ecohadit

● Experiments with Glass and cement for recycled concrete.
Chemical reaction that creates microscopic fractures.
But using lime instead of cement this may be able to be negated.
Make a heat trap/
Exerimental finish with recycled material

● Vertical Green Wall
Develop different types of segments that would support vertical gardening etc.

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