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Kabir S

Sung Jin Park

Marlenn Lopez

Gary Justin

Sene Djouzu

Mario Sanchez

Ousmane Sene

Kris Alcaide

Martin Martinez

Eugenio Rojas

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9 Responses to Arch 3610 Blog’s

  1. Jonathan says:

    John Amaya- Just post number 1, well done research but that’s all I could say.

  2. diego1 says:

    Kabir Shohel
    -Great attempt
    -Hard to stack because of slanted roof.
    -Nice interior renderings

  3. Keith says:

    (Sung Jin Park’s Design)

    Solar arrays are not clearly outlined. Plan is functional and well thought out considering the unique unit shape. The stacking seems to work well, incorporating outdoor space for all units. A centralized elevator system may help to simplify the complex stair system. I am uncertain of how the hydro static pressure system will work with all units stacked or how many units the system can suffice. Overall very interesting design that has a lot of potential.

    • Thank you for your comment.
      I didn’t arrange solar panels because there are many different types of panels on market. Hydro static pressure lift does not apply to the complex unit due to its weight. That’s why I left 1st floor empty. I tried to simplify central stairs but the core was too small to put everything in it.

  4. pparedes92 says:

    Mario Sanchez
    -Good research and video, however I would like to see your overall design.

  5. Jonathan says:

    MARTIN MARTINEZ- well Good design their is no solar panels, stacking systems is not in the blog, well room design.

  6. Gary Justin’s Blog

    Great concept on heating and cooling of the building. Would like to see more of a design of the units and a stacking concept.

  7. PaulaD says:

    Marlenn Lopez.
    The floor plans are well developed. This stacking is not ideal because of the set backs it allows underneath the building. The higher you go up, the further back you have to place your next unit. Leaving more empty space underneath the building. The concept for the inclined roof is good, although try to place the solar panels on the façade of the building and have those incline toward the sun.

  8. (Kris Alcaide)
    Solar panels layout needs to be explain, one of the angle roof with panels will not get any direct sunlight, or any sunlight. Try fitting the panels on the south wall.
    Good room layouts but explain how is the two floor unit ADA, how is the wheelchair supposed to get to the bedrooms. Could you show how your units look stacked, a section or elevation would be fine. There is a render of the stack units but I can’t get all the information from it.

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