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Revit Massing Model This is really quick massing of what I want to do. On the previous posts I explain a little further what it is I’m thinking about doing with this unit.

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Assignment 7_Pinup_Leslie Rosas_ASSIGNMENTS 1-7


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Revit Model

Revit File

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Assignment # 7 – Anzhella Messian

Assignment # 7 – Anzhella Messian- Spring 2014

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Assignment 7

Olivier de Marc 26.02.14 Arch 3630-Assignment 7-Olivier de Marc

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Assignment#4-Michelle Yang

Michelle.Yang_floor_detail.USC Michelle.Yang_roof_detail.USC

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Assignment 4

Solar_Decathlon_Roofing_Detail Solar_Decathlon_Wall_Detail Solar_Decathlon_Footing_Detail

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Assignment 5

assignment 5

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