Student Design

I had the opportunity to meet with Shallah Jones in my Type & Media course. Shallah  is a great artiest who is more into Raster & Vector design. I like all his post on instagram (rv_jones_f) and I think it will be a great idea took take a look at his amazing work he’ve done.


Frame & Scale

By placing the frame that made over the original composition, I took a close picture of it and was surprised. I tried many different angles to see the many different views that I could get from just one composition. The last two composition was easy to tell weather that had a black or white figure ground. The two first compositions was on track, looks or could confuse the eye and mind on trying to figure out which color is the fore ground or the background of composition. In fact, it is very important to know which one is which because frame is used to unify, organize or separate something to show its purpose. As for all stable, reversed, and ambiguous figure ground that I had in my  composition,  show as a whole size even by comparing the scale and its affections size relationship.



Sent: Friday, February 10, 2017 10:09:06 AM
To: NYCCTEveryoneDL
Subject: Volunteers to Read to a Young Student !!

Dear Students:

Once a week, members of the City Tech community walk down to PS 287 and read to an elementary school student for 40 minutes. This fun and rewarding opportunity is made possible through Read Ahead.

 On Thursday (2/9) at 1pm in Namm 321, Read Ahead will be hosting an information session about their mentoring program. If you’d like to come to this meeting, send an RSVP to so that we can have a headcount. If you cannot make it to the meeting but still want to mentor, you can sign up at[], watch a training video at[], and Read Ahead will be in touch about next steps.

For more information, see the attached flier or visit Open Lab: Thank you!

Robert Ostrom

Assistant Professor, English Department

New York City College of Technology

City University of New York

300 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201


“This is my favorite perk so far. It is a great opportunity for new student to experience new ideas in the outside world, especially for those who still undecided on what their major is.”

-Dhahabah Baidhani


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