EXTRA CREDIT: Meet the Pro’s

EXTRA CREDIT: Meet the Pro’s

During the time spent at this mini workshop, Josh Kapusinski basically showed us an over-view of his website (\http://joshkapusinski.com). We saw all of the work he posted there and he explained what the project was, who he was working for at the time, and some insight into how he accomplished the finished product. He gave us a brief description of his background and how he got to where he is now.  He mainly does motion graphics work that includes 2D, 3D, animation, modeling, illustration, and compositing. He has created commercials, on-air promos, show openings, music videos/VFX, infographics, and sequences from films/documentaries for some of the biggest studios and brands like ESPN, ABC, and Warner Bro’s just to name a few.

His rules of thumb for demo reels were:

  • Keep it short, 30 seconds is great! But as your professional career progresses add more to it and only display your best work. Generally add 10 seconds.
  • Do not use any popular music, but instead use obscure music.
  • Always title yourself in the beginning!
  • Create a logo for yourself. Create a website.
  • Intern. Intern. Intern.
  • Utilize meetup.com

It was helpful to see the kind of work some of his clients required of him, while getting to see the industry standard for motion graphics, etc. and a glimpse into his creative process for the final output. If I could modify any one thing about the workshop, it would be that I wish he spent less time overviewing his website and more time giving us tips on how to succeed in such a demanding and competitive career field. Overall, it was still a great opportunity to learn from someone who has such an extensive resume!

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