Internship’s experience with non-profit organization

The problem: The local and Queens BLDV communities had no idea they had a non-profit company that could help them engage socially and civically. They are a non-profit community organization named Unity for Equality. Their mission is to empower and integrate underserved communities and other immigrants into civic and economic life. They help individuals and families in the areas of advocacy for social justice, civic engagement, educational opportunities, universal health care and advanced support services.

The solution: During a 7-week social media campaign (primarily in their Instagram) we were able to send our message and our goals and mission to the Queens community through the following deliverables:

Family separation Within Undocumented Immigrant

Problem: Undocumented workers are unaware of their rights and benefits on the job. Even though they’ve been in New York City for a long time.

Solution: Our solution is to raise awareness that undocumented and legal immigrants who work for the city and do dirty work need protection and legal rights. We also have an advertising campaign on how to protect undocumented workers, available online and in magazines


Podcast stories idea for whom want to talk about immigration’s process

P/s: This project is dedicated to our undocumented classmates and all those who have stepped out of the shadows, saying that the undocumented and legal immigrants who work and do the dirty work shape the foundation of our New York City as a city of immigrant. Special thanks to our classmate Michael Escobar and his Honduran mother for being interviewed after living in the city undocumented for 20 years.

Bronx Zoo

Problem: New York City is one of the largest wildlife conservation cities in the World. Locals and tourists don’t know the Bronx Zoo exists and people get lost in the zoo. They do not know what event is for today and show and discount ticket

Solution: By extending the semester campaign, we are raising awareness of the Bronx Zoo in the Bronx community. On top of that, we created a landing site to promote the zoo as well as some souvenirs for locals and visitors. That’s why our rebranding Bronx Zoo is worthy for your time and your family time.

This project is about identity design for Bronx Zoo.

This project was for people who love visiting the Zoo. The objective was to promoting Bronx Zoo in particular.

What I produced:



Photography app


The problem is that 95% of us use smartphones but don’t know how to take good photos. Most of the time, the photo will be blurry, poor lighting , or out of focus.


Our Lens app will help you become a great photographer with stable focus, automatically adjust lighting and instantly upload your photos to social media

This project was for people who love taking photo. The objective was to introducing UI-UX prototypes

Here is our deliverables ( what we produced, an mindmap, sketch and final app prototype etc..)

Final design

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