Hello! Welcome to my E-Portfolio.

My name is Chulan Xu, and I am a dental hygiene student. I am excited to be accepted into the program in 2020, and I will graduate in the summer of 2022. Looking back on my last two years of practice, I have enjoyed connecting with my patients and building relationships as much as promoting oral health and cleaning teeth.

However, school learning is essential, and work experience is crucial too. I have been working as a receptionist and assistant at a dental office for eight years. In the place where I work, there are three dental hygienists graduated from City Tech, and they often shared funny stories about their school days, which gave me my first memorable impression of dental hygiene. Also, through my daily interactions with patients, I feel that it is the pride of dental hygienists to give patients a healthy mouth and a confident smile. I, in turn, aspire to have such honor and passion in my future career, so I decided to start my new dental journey here.

Of course, in addition to studying and working, I love all these…