Case Study 2


Case Study 2

Key Words: Arestin, Stage III/Grade C

  • Assessment& Diagnosis of oral conditions:

My patient is a 30-year-old Asian male with no past hospitalization, no past surgeries, no known drug allergies, and no medication taken. Blood pressure 118/78, pulse 81 bpm, ASA 1. After probing, generalized PD of 2-6mm with BOP. Generalized moderate gingival inflammation present with rolled gingiva, and bulbous papillae. This case is Stage III/Grade C based on clinical evaluation and radiographs- Generalized bone loss 30-50%, heavy subgingival calculus visible.

  • Appropriate planning& Implementation:

After finishing the scaling root planning on 10/28/2021, I had him come back on 11/04/2021 to apply four Arestin. The four sites were #2- ML, #3- ML, #4- ML, and #5 ML. The original probes were all 5mm. After placing the Arestin, I taught him how to take care of the sites that already have Arestin. He is a good patient and very compliant.

  • Evaluation:

On 12/2/2021, he came back to me for a follow-up. I re-probe those sites; the pockets were lower than before (#2- ML becomes 3mm; #3- ML, #4- ML, #5- ML all become 4mm). The gingival on the left side upper was healing well and reduced redness. I am so happy to see those positive results, and my patient is also thankful to have such a beneficial service.

  • Documentation of treatment:

Placing the Arestin is one of the services of the dental hygienist. We need to keep in mind a couple of things.

  • Firstly, to make sure the patient has no allergy to Minocycline or Tetracycline (Because one cartridge of Arestin contains 1mg of Minocycline) before placing Arestin; the patient is not pregnant if female; and no acutely abscessed on the placing sites.
  • Secondly, to ensure all scaling is completed in the quadrant that we need to place Arestin and wait at least one week to heal before applying Arestin.
  • Thirdly, the probing depth should be 5-7mm (No greater than 7mm).
  • Lastly, the patient needs to re-evaluate after 4-6 weeks to re-probe, and we need to document the results.

In a word, I am so excited to place the Arestin and have an excellent experience, and my patient is also thankful to have such a beneficial service.