Community Service/Outreach Activities

Sugar is one of the primary sources of energy supply for the human body, but excessive sugar intake may cause dental caries. In our Community Services Learning Project, we aim to achieve our goal of “Less Sugar intake reduces caries risk.”

We have four students to participate, and the target population is high school teenagers. Our project includes an introduction, assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, and conclusion. Implementation is my responsibility. To make the event better, we decide to stimulate students’ memory in many ways, combining vision, hearing, and hands-on skills to achieve our goal. The implementation includes five parts:

  • Pre & post-survey questionnaires
  • Video learning
  • Identifying food labels
  • “Tell-show-do” with a typodont
  • Homecare recommendation

In our Services Learning Project, participating students show increased awareness of how sugar indirectly increases the chance of dental decay. Managing their diet and oral home care can reduce the possibility of dental decay.