Internship Blog

Log #9

This week we attended a virtual gallery at Nassau County Museum Exhibit Blue. There were many pieces in the exhibit that impressed me but the piece that stood out in particular was Blue House on Water #2 by James Casebere.

The first piece is Blue House on Water # 2, 2018, framed archival pigment print mounted to dibond, 60.5×47 inches, by James Casebere. This piece in particular stood out because of the modern structure of the house in the middle of the water. Diving deeper into Caseber’s series ‘On the Water’s Edge’ there is a theme of addressing larger societal issues such as climate change and the forces of nature. Along with the societal themes that he scatters throughout his pieces, there are also strong juxtapositions between the reflections of water and the rectilinear structures at the center of the image. Casebere is inspired by different architects through culture and their uses of color as well. I chose this piece because the rectilinear structure against the reflective water reminded me of the destruction of flooding, yet the intact structure was so beautifully still and it has blended into its surroundings making it seem like one whole piece.

Overall, the experience of a virtual museum was interesting because although it was very informative it couldn’t quite replace the feeling and visual elements that come with seeing these art pieces in real life. I am definitely going to keep a lookout on more virtual exhibitions because I still find it intellectually stimulating and love learning about art.

Blue House on Water #2 by James Casebere | Ocula