Internship Blog

Log #2

I was introduced via email through my copywriting professor, Rebecca Rivera. Professor Rivera launched Save The Internships in early May 2020 to help students in NYC get hired due to the fact that agencies and brands started shutting down internships.

I had coordinated an interview over the phone with Dan Iger, the CEO of Waave. On the phone, Dan asked me about my experiences and what I could ultimately bring to the table. When it was my turn to ask the questions I asked about diversity, growth within the company, what the company culture was like, and tried to understand what the role would entail. I have to admit that even though Dan went over all the duties and explained the company further, he didn’t seem too confident about Waave and that made me doubtful of the learning experiences I might acquire by the end of this internship. It was one of the more casual interviews I’ve had, by the end of the conversation we had come to terms that I would be the new Creative/ UX intern.