Internship Blog

Log #6

The workload as an intern at Waave included research, building low & high fidelity wireframes, mockups and prototyping. Because Waave is a small company, I got the opportunity to wear many different hats. Some of those tasks included learning how to use Adobe XD and Figma better, designing a campaign quickly and soundly, designing business cards, social media content, and redesigning the website.

To prioritize all the work I was tasked with, I learned to organize my workload by using tools like Tello and Google Calander. These skills have sharpened my ability to be more communicative, set deadlines, delegate tasks, and prioritize different goals.

Most of the time, I was given projects that were not well defined. I didn’t know the dealine, the scope, and no direction for the assignments. This left room for a lot of problems and frustrations for me. Although I had learned a new set of skills, a new set of problems arised.