Discussion of Ch. 4.4 – 4.5

Please respond with a paragraph-sized comment for each of the two questions below. You will find it helpful to first compose your response in a Google or Word Doc and then cut-and-paste into the comment format. The questions are worth 5 points each.

First, watch our New York State governor discuss the need for ventilators in New York : https://www.pscp.tv/w/1RDGlQoZlkzJL (11 minutes)

  1. What are the news values driving the Governor’s live stream update?  (p. 77)
  2. How is the Governor’s role of “expert” constructed in the address? Why does this construction of authority matter?

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  1. Hector Marrero
    Language and Thinking
    Prof. Patrick Corbett
    Discussion Questions

    1. What are the news values driving the Governor’s live stream update? (p. 77)
    In this video you see quite a few of the news values covered in chapter 4.4.1. We see negativity, recency, proximity, consonance, unambiguity, superlativeness, relevance, personalization, eliteness, attribution, and specially facticity.

    2. How is the Governor’s role of “expert” constructed in the address? Why does this construction
    of authority matter?

    The Governor’s role of expert is constructed first by the comparison that the audience draw to President Trump’s actions or inactions of the current situation. Given that he is the Governor of New York State and is the face of the state in these crucial times, plus he is addressing citizens, with an eloquent and yet comforting tone, individuals take to this as soothing and accommodating to their own personal desperation and stress. In the background you see a plethora of medical equipment, which was sought to be or expected to be very scars in NYC and state, sending a message of comfort and reliability to the citizens watching. It could be interpreted, that “do not worry NYC and NY State, I got you”. By doing so this create a representation of authority, even though the position of governor is intrinsically authoritative, gives the audience someone to follow and to make their ideas heard, making the governor’s ideology one that make sense to most of the individuals who feel uncertainty and desperation more at ease.

  2. This news values driving the update is all lacking of support and tools. NYC is in a lack of ventilators, beds and other necessities as the cases of corona virus rise. The other problem is that the amount of time it takes for an item to reach the state would take as long as it would for the apex of the virus to reach. The governor wants to move the doctors and nurses to help the people deal with the virus to help others who cannot be hospitalized while he can help deal with the other items needed. While they are working and developing, the disease rises in cases, and more people become more paranoid over time.

    As an “expert”, he is the biggest figure in this update. He should have full knowledge of the problem at hand, and knowing how to solve it. By then explaining his plans to the public, his knowledge is important as an expert as he is helping lead us to the direction to save us. If his information fails, it makes us question him as an expert and wonder if we should really trust the governor with this problem.

  3. Md Faris Noor
    Professor Patrick Corbett
    ENG 1161
    27 March 2020

    What are the news values driving the Governor’s live stream update? (p.77)

    The news values driving New York Governor Cuomo’s live stream update are related to relevance, recency, unexpectedness, proximity, negativity, personalization, and consonance. In the video Governor Andrew Cuomo is talking about the COVID-19 or the coronavirus, which is not only recent but also relevant and within proximity to every American, especially New Yorkers. Like Cuomo said, “the one or two percent is Matilda, and Sally, and Jane, and Sarah, and your uncle, and my uncle… and they are precious.” this means that the virus can have a negative impact on anyone in our lives, even those who are very close to us. Indeed, as of late March, New York has been suffering with the most victims of the virus out of any other state. Furthermore, the explosion of the coronavirus is very unexpected to us New Yorkers because although we have been hit with multiple epidemics in the past, this by far seems to be one of the worst in recent decades, after the Hong Kong flu and AIDS. I mean, although I’m young I’ve never lived through anything like this, and day by day it’s only getting worse. Additionally, “negative events are more likely to be newsworthy than positive ones.” It would probably be an understatement to state that this coronavirus outbreak is a negative phenomenon because it’s negatively affecting people’s lives in almost every way. For example, people are living in fear, anxiety, pain can’t get out of the house, losing their jobs, and starving. Last but not least, aside from the fact that a common enemy (the virus) increases consonance among the people, the Governor is saying that, as New Yorkers, we must work together and do whatever we can to save anyone who is dying because of the virus. For instance, Cuomo was speaking of how, a business and the Federal Government can work together in the production, sales, transaction, and payment of “40,000” ventilators. “Nobody’s gonna build 40,000 ventilators unless they know somebody’s buying 40,000 ventilators” says Cuomo, “and that’s what the Federal Government can give them with the DPA…” But this of course, requires consonance between the Federal Government and the business.

    How is the Governor’s role of “expert” constructed in the address? Why does this construction of authority matter?

    In his address, Governor Cuomo’s role of “expert” is constructed as the governor and the leader of the people of New York. This construction of authority matters because judging from the comments to the right of the livestream it seemed as if almost everyone trusts and admires this governor and his actions. Second, Cuomo’s dialogue is framed as being about the “one or two percent of the population” who are particularly more vulnerable. In other words, he is talking about our grandparents or those who already have severe illness. Third, “Boyce’s research shows that news consumers were interested in the personal views of scientists and other official kinds of expert.” (p.82) Cuomo is sharing his personal views which makes us (the audience) have a greater connection with him and makes us feel like he, unlike most other leaders, cares about the people of the State.

  4. There are many news values driving the governor’s live stream as the state is in crisis mode. The current pandemic calls for more resources such as ventilators and personal. Thus, in this live stream he addresses his views or plan would be in order to recover such resources. For example, getting more doctors or nurses in order to help fight the virus. Also, the production of ventilators is addressed. In order for production to be increased, companies who manufacture these ventilators would need to be assured that the production would not go to waste. They would need to know that what they produce would be purchased. Due to the fact that this is considered hard news there are certain news values that drive what Cuomo is addressing. One of the news values that drive the relation of information or urgency on these issues is proximity. This is because the need for more ventilators is coming shortly as more people are being infected with the corona virus on a daily basis. Another news value that drives this live stream is recency. This is clearly a recent event as it is still something that not only this nation but the world is battling currently. Negativity is also a news value in this situation because it is something that everyone is or should be worried about as it may affect them directly or someone they may know. Relevance is also is news value that supports this live stream as he is speaking about factors that must currently be addressed given the situation. Given the fact that trying to get more personal on board in order to fight this pandemic is something that is not what is done routinely, another news value in this scenario is unexpectedness. Lastly, facticity is also a news value because in order to resolve this issue that is currently going on because in order to know the amount of ventilators and personal needed, statistics of the amount of people that are getting sick is important information. Also, the exact amount or cost of doing this would be something that is factored in, which Cuomo does address.
    The governor’s role of expert is constructed in this address because his opinion or plan of action is needed in order to provide order in this crisis mode. He is able to provide us with fast news by conducting this live stream. By doing this he uses his role of “expert” in order to provide the public with news that needs to be provided quickly. This construction of expert is important because he states that he does agree with the President on some issues regarding the current pandemic. Due to the fact that he is considered the head of state he is able to provide fast news because of the authority or power that he has over the jurisdiction that he governs.

  5. The news values driving Governor Cuomo’s live stream update are Superlativeness, negativity, facticity, relevance and unambiguity.

    In this health crisis which is the main topic for the State of New York, Governor Cuomo’s spoke on the important supplies needed to assist health care workers in the hospital as the rapid killing disease takes over the state. His experts skills displayed he plans and readiness to sign executive orders Mandating Hospitals to increase Capacity by at least 50 percent. His rule is to oversee , approve or veto denied bills passed by New York State Legislature , grant pardons. Also to help increased the number of ventilators needed in the hospitals , which numbers a low and now insufficient ( this need a federal involvement to step in).

  6. 1. The news values driving the governor’s live update are the lack of tools, frustration, and I will say hope as well. The governor makes us know that the ventilators were stored in preparation for when NY hospitals reach or exceed their capacity as the state has become the epicenter of the American coronavirus outbreak. He also tells the audience how expensive these ventilators can be, but still is something that is needed especially in these worst days. As much as he looked frustrated in the interview, he also showed a sign of hope to the audience. He states we can actually help one another and that is smart and is the American way. He also states “we are going to fight to save every life that we can”, because that’s what he believes to be an American is. All these sayings show how willing he is to help the N.Y borough overcome this pandemic situation.

    2. The role of expert is indeed constructed in the address because the governor knows what he is talking about. A very knowledgeable man who by authority gives feedback to his community in times like this. As the face of the New York state, he speaks to comfort his audience to give them hope and more likely to show them things that can or should be done to help and save ourselves from this pandemic situation. He uses the pronoun “I” in the interview and that shows the authority he has as a governor of the New York state.

  7. 1. The news values addressed in Governor Cuomo’s press conference for the need of ventilators in New York State involve negativity, recency, relevance, personalization and facticity. His press conference had to address negativity in order to get his point across to New Yorkers. In this case, the specific negativity was concerning the amount of people hospitalized due to COVID-19 and their need for ventilators. This press conference definitely was both recent and relevant in that this was three days ago and COVID-19 is all anybody can think and speak about currently. Cuomo was able to successfully personalize the situation when he stated that the governor of California would be in his position a few weeks from now begging the federal government for ventilators. Cuomo also successfully used facticity, specifically statistics in regards to the number of beds going to be made available at the emergency hospitals built for New Yorkers.

    2. Governor Cuomo’s role of “expert” constructed in this address is particularly important when establishing newsworthiness and news values. The public relies on expertise in the media because accurate information is crucial for a news outlet’s reputation. News producers also rely on expertise, whether it is medical or scientific, in order to establish the news values of attribution and facticity. With regards to this specific press conference, Cuomo relayed questions over to Patrick Murphy, Commissioner of the Engineer Corps. for specific questions about the emergency hospitals being constructed that Cuomo himself could not answer. Cuomo at this exact moment is considered to be New York’s expert on all things COVID-19 related because he is in a position of power and authority.

  8. The news values that are driving the Governor’s live stream update is that they are driven by the use of superlative, negativity, proximity, recency, and relevance. The use of these particular news values is done so that the audience can see that he is taking the matter of this particular issue seriously. The use of negativity is extremely present in the address because the topic that he is talking about raises a negative aura in general. The Governor’s job forces him to use his power and release the news that proposes a solution to the current issue that is occurring today. The news that he reveals to the public is fairly relevant since it’s what the world as a whole is dealing with as of now. Which leads to how recent the information that he is providing us with. He mentioned how just yesterday he was in contact with the mayor trying to find ways to solve this crisis. Which once agin, he is using his power to communicate with another higher power to come to a resolution.

    The Governor’s role as an expert here is how he asserts his powers in times like these. Once the public sees that he is asserting his power for their benefit, he begins to gain the support of the public which ultimately allows the Governor to gain even more power. If he were to lose the public’s interest by not making reasonable decisions, he would then no longer be considered someone who’s fit for his position since the public would no longer feel that he deserves it if he isn’t going to help them. He must use his power as the Governor for the benefit of the citizens of New York and ensure that he is using it in a way that is effective and provides us with the needs that are essential and crucial in times like these. This is shown through when in the address he was asked questions and he responded with statistics (the mention of why the subways are still open). He is asked these questions because he is considered knowledgable on what’s going on and he must know everything and stay up to date. This allows him to use his power effectively on the right stuff.

  9. Tiasha Samuels
    Language and Thinking
    Professor Patrick Corbett
    Discussion of Chapter 4.4-4.5

    1. What are the news values driving the Governor’s live stream update?

    Some of the news values driving the Governor’s live stream update are negativity, recency, proximity and facticity. The news values driving the Governor’s live stream so considered negative because there is a pandemic that is currently happening that is affecting peoples live in a negative way. New York is in desperate need of ventilators for those who are suffering from the coronavirus. It is considered recency because this is a recent event that is happening not only in New York but around the world. Proximity is one of the news values driving the Governor’s live stream because it is happening in our state, city and boroughs. The statistics, dates and locations are very important in this live stream because he emphasizes how much these locations need the of ventilators.

    2. How is the Governor’s role of “expert” constructed in the address? Why does this construction of authority matter?

    The Governor’s role of expert is constructed in the address as very relevant. When people watch the news, they want to be given the most accurate and honest information. Also, his tone of voice and how passionate he is about this issue makes a difference. Seeing how much he cares about the lives of not only New Yorker’s but residents of other states, shows how much he cares. This makes people show that he is trying his best to make sure that lives are being saved. The construction of authority matters because the more power you have, the more people are going to be willing to listen. They will show you much more respect and believe what you’re saying. People rely on expert opinions on topics that are going to be life changing or that is going to affect their lives.

  10. 1) The news values presented in Governor Cuomo’s live stream about the ventilators being needed are negativity, recency, consonance, unexpectedness, relevance, personalization, eliteness and facticity. The negative news presented to the people is that there aren’t enough ventilators and an accordance to pay off the ventilators needed is not being put in place. This is something that recently happened and is on the news daily. I chose the value of unexpectedness because most New Yorkers view New York to be the place that is ready for it all and yet here we are with not enough hospital beds or ventilators for a pandemic like the one we are living. Relevance and personalization: Everyone is being impacted by what is happening today. Cuomo is our governor and he represents an elite person to this country. While speaking he used statistics of the number of ventilators needed and its cost and discussed the number of beds in the two facilities in New York.

    2) Governor Cuomo’s role of “expert” constructed in this address is important because the audience is waiting to hear some sort of relief of this pandemic. In times like these we rely on what experts have to say whether they are elite, medical or scientific. He presented news value and worthiness for the people producing the news because he spoke about a topic that we are all being affected by in some way and the audience is seeking answers. He presented himself as a leader and spoke with certainty, statistics and hope which is what the people want to hear. He gave the impression that he knows his position and will do his best not to fail his New Yorkers.

  11. 1) The news values driving the Governor’s live stream were negativity, recency, proximity, consonance, unambiguity, unexpectedness, superlativeness, relevance, personalisation, attribution, and facticity. It is a negative event that occurred recently, close by, and was unexpected. The Governor mentioned plans that most people already hoped for and gave clear resolutions. He’s related the event to all New Yorkers and mentioned other states will soon be in our position. The facts can be attributed to the President and he’s mentioning statistics for facticity.

    2) The Governor’s role of “expert” is constructed in numerous ways. He is (mostly) the only one seen on camera so it’s one authoritative figure. He’s dressed casual, nothing flashy or expensive. This helps the New York audience relate and trust him. I believe there are boxes and equipment behind him to show New Yorkers that he will ensure it’s all provided. When we remember the stream, we will remember Cuomo with supplies. His use of facticity and unambiguity made him appear like an expert too. He pointed out clear events and plans with statistics. Construction of authority is important because it helps ease the public’s mind. They feel that this expert can be relied on. Additionally, with some type of authority around, we are establishing order when things can easily become chaotic.

  12. 1. The news values presented in Governor ‘s live stream were; negativity, regency, consonance, unexpectedness, superlativeness, relevance, personalization, eliteness, attribution, and facticity. Negativity when Governor addresses the fact that there are not enough ventilators and that one will not produce 40,000 ventilators if they are not certain someone will buy them. Unexpectedness the fact that we can use an emergency hospital for acute medical care. Personalization when he calls the “Matilda law” this is a more familiar way for people to understand that the 1 or 2 percent of vulnerable people are going to be protected as well, that we as American are not going to “stop the train for them. Personalization gives us more newsworthy for the audience or community. Facticity, the statistics show that due to the increment of people getting infected and the fast-spreading of this virus we will need more ventilators and more beds. Relevance the fact that the virus can affect anyone.

    2. The Governor’s role of expert constructed in this address matters because the ideology of been and “expert” is to be able to answer all questions that the audience may have. To be knowledgeable. To give the audience solutions for the current situation with this pandemic. To give comfort during these difficult times and not deceive the people of New York.

  13. There are many news values driving the Governer’s live stream update. The first one is negativity, as of right now the world is going through a major pandemic, and people are scared about it. He brings up having the idea to have many ventilators created for use during this time until we have reached our peak and get past it. Right now this information he is giving is newsworthy because it’s taking place right now. The second value is recency like I said before this pandemic is taking place right now, so people will want to hear about it and hear what our president or governor is doing to help the situation. The third value is relevance, many people around the world are affected by this virus, and we all have to be cautious of how we go day to day, to prevent ourselves from catching the virus. Lastly is facticity, which is if the facts are trustworthy, and having statistics, dates, figures, and locations to back it up.
    In the address, the role of expertly constructed by the governor was quick and simple. Many people look to the governer to have information that can help the people who might eventually be affected or already are affected by what is going on currently. During the conference, the governor had a set plan of what he thought would be good for people while trying to get through the peak that the United States hasn’t reached yet. But you could tell that he wasn’t 100 percent sure if this would actually help, or be efficient. The construction of authority matters, because people are only going to listen to someone who they believe, will stick to what they present, and trust.

  14. Emely Real
    Patrick Corbett
    Eng 161

    The values that the governor talked about in the livestream involved his plans towards this virus. It’s relevant to all of those in our world right now. He talks about the need for ventilators along with other necessities at this time of need. Which is relevant to all right now. The Governor’s role of ‘expert’ in this address establishes valued news. Many depend on his reliability to what’s going on. He is in a position of power and authority that being that he is the governor of New York.

  15. 1. The news values driving the governor’s live stream are all topics focused on the coronavirus. The governor who I’ve met on the train a couple of years back, only wants to bring protection to all New Yorkers. As the coronavirus rises in New York more utilities are needed, like ventilators, beds, and trained professionals . The governor has also planned to build emergency Facilities with these resources to help the people of American people through this troubled time. The governor gave me a positive reaction because of his calmness and his statement of “never giving up” on those who are infected with Corona. Having a leader with the confidence and determination to try his best. Even though the percentage of those vulnerable are low they are still American citizens and everyone should try.

    2. The Governor is constructed as very experienced in the live stream. He answered the questions clearly and to the point, he even gave more detailed answers to what he knows and thinks regarding the topic. This is very important in a time like this because everyone is looking towards the leaders for help. The way the governor showed heart, and strength in what he said even uplifted me through the video. Hope is hard to maintain when everything around you is negative, but having authority figures who understand the situation and can deal with it rationally gives you hope to also stand up and make a change in the situation.

  16. Based on Governor Cuomo’s live stream update the news values are recency, personalization, attribution, unambiguity, negativity, and consonance. Due to the past months, coronavirus has impacted everyone’s lives in the united states and other countries. Recently, New York has cancelled travelling and many events, affecting jobs, and peoples’ health are at risk. New York state is majorly affected by the coronavirus, Governor Cuomo uses recency to address the current problem that the state is facing. Governor’s attribution is the lack of ventilators in the hospitals, this helps the audiences to understand the importance of these machines that could help the patients. Governor address the problem with personalisation to relate to the ongoing situation. During the live stream, unambiguity is address by Governor providing information on what the solution to lack of medical equipment. Governor Cuomo speaks about the negativity of the expensive equipments and explains the issue.
    The Governor’s role is considered “expert” since he is the New York state governor, he must represent the state and address the current problem. The Governor is supposed to ease the people in the state worries by answering questions. The Governor’s authority matter because as a state Governor they represent the state and is responsible to explain and cease everything under control. They have the authority to fix issues regarding to the state and must step out to address their current position. The construction of authority matters to the people within the state, they look for the Governor for answers because the Governor is responsible to respond to any major issues that affects the state.

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