Ch. 4.4-4.5

What are the news values driving the Governor’s live stream update?  (p. 77)

Relevance, skepticism, recency, unexpectedness, similarity, personalization and consonance were the news values discussed in Governor Cuomo’s press conference on the need for ventilators in New York State. In other words, to get his point across to New Yorkers, his press conference had to tackle negativity. The specific negativity in this case was regarding the amount of people hospitalized due to COVID-19 and their need for ventilators.


How is the Governor’s role of “expert” constructed in the address? Why does this construction of authority matter

The Governor’s role of “expert” constructed the address being assertive, reassuring, compassionate to help the community understand what it is that is going on dealing with those officials on his level. Also, he wants us to get it that we have to use this experience as a vehicle for Change as far as helping one another. The public is dependent on media experience as reliable reporting is important for the credibility of a news source. To create the news principles of attribution and facticity, news producers often depend on experience, whether it be medical or science. Being that he’s an authoritative figure people automatically trust his word and believe he knows what’s best. Even during the live stream someone commented “Cuomo for president”.

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