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Amenity Research Project

Here are a few sugar and chocolate show and center pieces that stood up to me


This amenity a piece work with chocolate only, inspired by a winter wonderland and Christmas, even though is a extremely simple piece, is really effective in terms of design and theme, the tree up top doesn’t have much 3d dimension, as for the flowers/ribbons. are really good in the layering, and the angels between the train and the sleigh


I decided to include this piece because of the many techniques shown in it, blow the blownm sugar bubbles, to the cast sugar for the based, the pull sugar flowers, the frog itself is a beautiful piece seems to be made out of sugar as well as the bee, the detail in the bee’s wings is stunning and the ribbons in different sizes just give another layer of technique and color


this piece was one of the first ones i found when i was researching at amenities, even though is a quite simple piece i like the nest/ flowers beacause they look really intricate, even the center bud which seems to be only one piece, and the difference in shades of browns give a contrast in the color palete which stands out, i also appriciate the large wavy dark pieces because they are clearly fragile gives it more height and delicacy.


This amenity is supposed to represent easte, i like the attention to detail in the small parts of the piece, as well as the sculpting on the tree, this amenity is a chocolate piece, the bird remind a little bit of a pheonix because of the colors, is a warm piece the shades of browns, yellows and orange complement each other beautiful, the one detail that this piece looked intersting to me, and i wonder if the used a mold or hand sculpt it is the big structure egg shape, surrounding the egg. This piece actually won the 2nd place a couple years ago in the Callibut competition


I decided to focus on this pull and pour sugar piece since remind me of spring, after working with hot sugar this semester i have an admiration for sugar work, the different shapes and techniques in this piece bring an astonishing vibrancy, and the ladybug which seems to be made from sugar as well is beautiful, and it seems to be done piece by piece before putting together, the bottom piece however seems to be cake or chocolate since it doesn’t have the shine that sugar does, the flower it self seems to pull sugar one by one which makes it more impressive at least to me