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Chocolate and Sugar Centerpieces


This piece is all about a celebration. Since my birthday is coming up when I saw this piece it got my attention. The white parts look like they represent the champagne coming out when you pop the bottle. The chocolate balls inside each glass represent the champagne that was poured along with the white marshmallows representing the foam. The bottle seemed to be made from a model then edible labels were made to put on the outside.

This piece is all about music. The representation with the music notes and the guitar fit perfectly together. This piece looks to be constructed all with casting sugar put into molds to make all the shapes for each part. Then it was glued together piece by piece to make the final product. I think the artist was smart to stick to using blues so the viewers’ focus would be solely on the theme of music. If it was colorful, I think people would more so focus on how many colors there were then noticing that it was really a guitar. From looking at it, I do not think there would be a problem assembling this. The only thing to worry about would be to be very gentle when handling the piece to lessen the change of it breaking. Again, the piece involves something I love hence the reason I decided to use it.

This piece looks to be focused on the sights of Winter. When I saw this piece it reminded me of something you see off of the television shows when they are competing for a big prize. It is simple while being different. The dark, warm colors all being tied together help it stay simple. While the shapes and structure make it different. The golden balls throughout the piece look like blown sugar but it also looks like chocolate that was put into a sphere mold then glued together to make it a complete ball. The structure looks like melted sugar poured into molds as well. They all look put together with melted chocolate and held together until cooled then in place. The realistic pine cones also add a nice texture to the entire piece. My favorite part is the snow globe-like sphere in the center. It gives a clear window to portray a Christmas like scene. The background with the fake snow on the bottom pulls it all together.

I wanted to find something fun involving chocolate. While researching pieces, I saw this piece. It looks to be pirate-themed with different creatures. The two on the right are parrots. The top left one looks to be a monkey but it also looks a little different than a monkey. The last one looks like Mr. Potatoe Head from Pixar’s Toy Story. I love the tropical feel and colors. Even though the majority of the piece is brown, there are hints of other colors. All the colors add blend well with the shades of brown as well. This piece looks to be done with modeling chocolate that was shaped then cut or textured to make the shapes. The leaves and feathers look like tempered chocolate that was cut into shapes. It does not look difficult to put together as in structure.

The piece is focused on the colors white and different shades of purple. The curl to the left of the piece looked as it was pulled sugar with two shades of purple then flattened to make the curl. The white parts look like chocolate that was poured into molds to make the shape but it can also be cast sugar tinted white. The ribbon-like decoration was made from pulled sugar that was shaped and then glued together with more sugar. The sphere at the top was most likely blown sugar. The colors used work very well together. It makes the piece simple and not all over the place. If I was assembling this piece I may have had a problem making sure that all the pieces were glued together in order for the structure to not collapse. All together I love the piece and it caught my eye because of the color. Purple is one of my favorite colors so it was nice to see it paired with one color in a simple but unique piece. The only problem is the cloth in the background should have been placed better. They should have straightened it out to make it neater.