Final project

My final project was on a neighborhood, specifically Dumbo. I chose dumbo Bc it’s a very classic and go to spot when you are in Brooklyn. It has the Manhattan bridge and also the infamous Brooklyn bridge. These are the best 4 photos out of the 10 I chose for the final project. They all show the best views from each bridge that’s located at Dumbo.

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3/1 class 5

Class was really interesting, I chose this photo because out of all the ones we took today, this one was humorous and also told a story with action alone.

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2/8 Shoe

In this photo, I used shallow depth of field, focusing only on the tip of the shoe. With the added background of the two keychains in the back, it gives the sense that the shoe is quite large.

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5/3 class

I chose this photo because the way the light reflects off the side of her face, creating a triangle of light stands out even more because of the depth of shadows. I felt that it was the right amount of light to highlight her features.

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Final Project


For my final project, I chose to go with graffiti, graffiti is another art form where artist can express their creativity. I wanted to showcase their work, but at the same time I also wanted to give a casual feel to the photos. I used a model to reach that goal. The model I used posed in ways where it gave the work a sense of humor. These four pictures best represent that.

It was a learning and fun experience, at first I tried taking photographs of the work alone, but there was something missing, I was only taking a picture of someone else’s work, but once I added a person to it, it changed the feel drastically.

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My Final Project

For My final project, I deiced to do Architecture in New York City. I found this topic very important because architecture is what makes us asa community, our personality, our culture and most importantly our selves. This were my top 4 impactful close up images that I took because if its designs on all 4 images. The details are what impacts tourist to stop and take pictures of the buildings.

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Final Project, Self-Evaluation

These 4 photos were my choice throughout the Final project, which is why I printed them. The color cast here is probably due to the images still being in Prophoto RGB. I will explain each image and why I’ve taken them.

Topic: A day in a photographer’s life

This first image, is of my main assistant Alex. I utilized the rule of thirds and framed him with the trees. The reason why I like this shot is because of the light and dark contrast between the tree on the left and tree on the right, also the light and dark contrast on the grass on the floor.
This image, is more of a stark contrast between my work, and the reason why I included this shot in the series although it isn’t a portrait, is because it captures my nature as a traveling photographer- even though most of the time I pick up the camera to shoot only portraits, I found this scene interesting, especially since I had the 16-35 mounted and I could create a huge distortion of leading lines to the main subject, which is the acrobatics athlete, framed with the arch.   This third image is an example of what I do most often. A lot of my shoots work around couples, and this shot and subsequently the whole shoot was quite interesting for me, because one of the subjects had such a strong pink hair color, and I was at Brooklyn Bridge Park and had to figure out how to use the light to my advantage. Surprisingly, there isn’t a whole lot of pink in that park, so I used the red from a brick wall instead. This was taken at 200mm, with the brick wall on the left side being near, and the subjects being actually very far away, more than 30 ft away. It gives off the illusion that the subject is nearby and I cut off the male subject’s head for a sense of intimacy; I have another shot where his head is not cut off and it feels a lot less intimate to me.
This shot actually wasn’t printed, and I decided to write about it here because of the sheer expression on my assistant’s face. Alex had a long childhood and was a Boy Scout (now Eagle Scout) and instead of playing around at playgrounds like this one, he was busy volunteering and being at camp. This small, derelict park is under the Williamsburg bridge on the Manhattan side. I used the rule of thirds to frame the subject, Alex, but I also really wanted that whole slide in there, and in the foreground, I added a bit of a distraction to add to the dissonance of the scene- to connect with the facial expression of Alex, showing that he hasn’t been to a playground, derelict or not, in a while.

This project was actually great practice for me, and it reminded me what creativity really felt like no matter what my surroundings were.

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Final Project_Self Evaluation





For my final project I was going for a fashion look. My main issue in the beginning was choosing a topic and locations , however I thought about what could be stood out and what  tend is popular. The locations I chose were Dumbo and Some areas in Queens. With the models I chose I gave them the 90’s feel by using props which was the sunglasses. My goal throughout the photoshoots was to give a good framing and something that made the model stand out from the background. 

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Final Project_Self Evaluation

For my final project I knew I wanted to shoot Coney Island. However my issue was trying to figure what about Coney Island I wanted to shoot. I have thought about lines, but also just Coney Island as a location. At the end, I selected to shoot the rides at Luna Park, which is a big part of Coney Island.

During my first shoot I had no idea that Luna Park was closed during the weekdays at this time of the year so I had to work my way around it. I ended up shooting things at a distance and through the fence a lot. While walking up and down the street from the boardwalk, I found some interesting things to shoot, such as the photo down below (1). You have the parachute jump placed inside the loop of the roller coaster.

For my next two shoots, it got a bit easier because I went during the weekend so I got to shoot close ups of the rides. The challenge with close ups was figuring out where to position myself because I always ended up having things in my photos that I wish were not there (2) such as a sound speaker. It was also hard to take photos from the positions I wanted to because there was always family members or friends waiting for the people on the rides and they were taking pictures of them too (3). Some of my photos; I had to wait a while to get a shot of because people were always passing by (4).

Overall, my experience was pretty good. If I were to redo this project, I would definitely consider using an actual camera. It would have allowed me to take better photos with the ability to zoom, but also get some shallow depth of field.

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Final Project Self Evaluation

For the final project, at the beginning I chose birds; however, Prof told me that was setting myself too high. So I changed my topic from birds to tourists. I went to 34th street around Macy’s store, china town, and 42nd street Time square. The big struggle was there were too many things going on.  I had difficulty choosing which to take photos and narrow them down to be interesting images. Usually, one scene has too much going on makes the photo too busy. Also, people are walking and barely stop making me hard to shoot. The nice thing is the weather was very nice and I took time to shoot different people.


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