LL6- Lighting direction


I chose this photograph because I like the way the pedals on the top are falling down onto the flowers. It gives it more of a dramatic effect. Then we have the yellow and purple flower that are intwined with each other which I feel like it  signifies unity. We also see that the background is separated from the flowers itself. This was done by having a reflector and shooting it towards the background. This kind of lighting is called backlight meaning, its lighting that lights the background and separates the subject from the background.


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L5-Shutter Speed


Shutter speed is the length of time that the camera is exposed to light while taking a photograph. Shutter speed is often expressed in fractions of a second.When you have a higher number it will be a shorter about of time and the lower it is the longer amount of exposure. I found this photograph very interesting because even though it is blurry you can still see bits of the person if you look closely.

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LL9-Painting with Light



To making a photograph of painting with light, we need to use a tripod to hold the camera. Secondly, we change the aperture to f/11 to get a wide depth of field. Afterward, we use manual focus to focus the subject with a strobe light. I pick this photograph as my favorite photo because the motion of light create strong curved lines; even though Mario doesn’t look at the camera, his pose echos the direction of light’s movement, which is downward.

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LL7-Portrait Basics


I choose this photograph because it is a good example of short lighting that the side of Samantha’s face turned towards the camera is in more shadow. Besides that, it is also in three-quarter view.

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LL5-Shutter Speed

21872748691_885152bdcc_m (1)

In my opinion, I think shutter speed is a measure of how long your camera’s focal point is exposed to light. As we change to high shutter speed, we can create either motion blur or frozen motion in the photograph. The reason I choose this photograph is the high contrast between hazily dynamic subject and clearly static background. To made this blurry photograph, the shutter speed is 1”.

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lighting for mood

While working with my group we came up with pretty interesting photos. It was a lot of fun to see the difference in our moods with the different kinds of lighting. The best was the warped photos where we got to have some fun with making our heads or hands look huge and our feet look tiny. The brighter photos made the mood really happy and pretty and the darker photos made the mood really mysterious and even sad sometimes.

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Painting with Light

23496269755_4ea1f7cf0a_cI really enjoyed  learning how to  paint with light,  to do this job it takes team work and my team was great we worked together to create amazing photos.  I really like this photo because of the darkness  in the background.  The heart looks as if its on fire.   The green and orange silicone paper gives it a look that could not be captured if the setting of the camera weren’t correct.

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Painting with light


I really enjoy that playfulness of this photograph. I love the highlights and shadows on tristen and how he used the light coming out of his hands. The highlights of the shadow makes him pop from the photograph. The glowing from the light beam helps the light come out more and also the design the light beam creates.

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Painting with light


Lighting direction is created by using a tripod and a narrow aperture to get a wide range of depth of field. The aperture controls the exposure of whatever is lit by the strobe lights. This then creates long streaks of light that is scene in this photo.

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Light Painting

Painting of lights is the movement you make with the flash lights and the control of the camera’s shutter speed. I enjoyed working with painting with the lights because it was very entertaining. You have control in what you say or do with the movement of the flashlights. I chose this photograph because it was my favorite from all the rest. What I like about it is that it looks like I’m singing and my voice is visible.


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