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lighting for mood

While working with my group we came up with pretty interesting photos. It was a lot of fun to see the difference in our moods with the different kinds of lighting. The best was the warped photos where we got … Continue reading

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Painting with Light

I chose this image because I think it is a great example of painting with light. My group and I used one of our hands and used the red light to make it seem like he is shooting something from … Continue reading

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          I chose this photo as my favorite because even though I know she has a super sweet personality, this photo gives off a sense of seriousness and mystery. The lighting is short light and it works … Continue reading

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The Met-In and Out of the Studio

The Exhibit I chose to visit was at the Metropolitan Museum. The name of the exhibit is In and Out of the Studio: Photographic Portraits from the West Africa. The entrance to the exhibit is a black, white and yellow … Continue reading

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Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is the speed or time that the shutter opens for the photo and then closes. The photo I chose was a photo of myself jumping. The shutter speed was on 0.6″. I believe the photo is visually engaging … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Bridge

  This is one of my favorite photos that I took. I believe it is a great photo that has the rule of thirds. The man being on one point and the wall on the other points/intersections. The shadows also … Continue reading

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HW1-Matthew Pillsbury

The photograph I chose by Matthew Pillsbury is called ” Jane’s Carousel, 2011″. The reason I chose this photo is because out of every one of Pillsbury’s photos this one stood out the most to me. The reason it stood … Continue reading

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LL 1- The Thing Itself

In “The Thing Itself” from The Photographer’s Eye by John Szarkowski, John is trying to explain the difference between the subject of the photograph and the photograph itself. I believe the difference is that the ‘subject’ is the object within the photograph … Continue reading

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