Painting with Light


I chose this photo for the Painting with Light because I thought it was really strong and simple. The way you have the hand nicely lit and visible against the dark background and it looks as the the light is a laser beam coming from the hand/finger. Really nice photo and love the way it was handled. Clever.

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Lighting Direction


I chose this photo for the Lighting Direction because first, I really like the placement of the object in the shot and second, the way the light is 90 degrees off to the side of the object just gives it a really nice highlight and shadow which add to the overall composition. Although the background isn’t completely black because the light is too close to it, I feel like it just adds to the mood of the photo. Really liked this one and enjoyed shooting it.

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IMG_8886.jpg a

I chose this photo for the Pattern because its just really nice how you can see all of the Diagonal Lines follow the same path across the picture but then you also have two Horizontals that break the pattern in a way. I like this one a lot as it was a really great capture with the background being clean and it doesnt distract from the pattern itself. Really nice work.

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Shutter Speed


I chose this photo for Shutter Speed because it really capture the whole motion in the photo as you can see how the shoes were in many different places at once but you also see how the shoes are still and detailed at the top. Its cool when you can see the “ghosts” of the shoes move in a nice horizontal line across the photo. Really fun to do!

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Depth of Field


I chose this picture for the depth of field because it captures the wooden post at a high angle and its really close to it which gives it such a good Depth of Field. Very nice lighting and detailed photo.

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Scavenger Hunt


I chose this picture for the scavenger hunt because I like the way it has humor to the photo. The Item would be Food and it was just a clever way of interpreting it. Really nice photo.

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Shutter Speed


The faster the shutter speed, the shorter the time the image sensor is exposed to light.  The slower the shutter speed, the longer the time the image sensor is exposed to light.  And because of shutter speed we were able to capture this cool shit.  We had a lot of fun and learned a lot with this setting.  We had to do it a few times to get it right.

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Portrait Basics


I really like the lighting in this photo you can tell the light is in the front of her pace.  The ISO is low each to allow perfect lighting.  I love how the top portion is dark and as you look down her face brights the image

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LL 7- Portrait Direction


I chose this photograph of Lindsay because I found that the lighting was very interesting. On her half right side of the face there is a dark shadow casted so the lighting is dark. Then you see that towards the direction she is facing you see that the lighting is stronger because we see more of it. The photograph itself looks like she is outwards from the background since is the backlighting that is being used.

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LL8- Portrait lighting for mood


Taking these portraits were a blast because you would really get up close and personal towards the subject. This photo was taken with a reflector in order to add lighting to the face. Here we see that the photo itself looks a bit separated from the subject this is because we used blacklight as well as our main light. I liked this photo of myself because I feel like it really captures the details of my facial expression.

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