HW1-Matthew Pillsbury

The photograph I chose by Matthew Pillsbury is called ” Jane’s Carousel, 2011″. The reason I chose this photo is because out of every one of Pillsbury’s photos this one stood out the most to me. The reason it stood out to me is because I have never been able to see this carousel and now I definitely want to take a trip. The subject matter of the photo is a carousel that appears to be spinning. It appears to be spinning because of how Pillsbury uses the blur of people and the horses in motion. The photo was taken from the outside of what the carousel is in so you can see reflections of people siting and walking. The photo gives me a sense of time or a feeling of movement. A carousel does not spin as fast as it seems to be spinning in the photo which is what gives me that sense of time and movement.

Pillsbury uses the rule of thirds, fill the frame and symmetry. The rule of thirds splits the photo into sections which helps highlight the subjects within the photo, in this case the carousel. The element, fill the frame, is used because as you can see in the photo the carousel takes up all of the space. The rule of symmetry is also used because if you were to split the photo vertically it would match almost perfectly.

The use of these elements help create the mood and/or feeling of this photo. Most directly the use of fill the frame. The carousel fills up the entire frame which helps use to see closely how the carousel is spinning. The rule of thirds helped me realize that the photo was taken on the outside of what the carousel is in. You can see the reflection of things on the glass as well as buildings and a bridge through the glass.



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  1. rmichals says:

    Great choice. And now that we have taken a field trip to Brooklyn Bridge park you have seen the carousel.

    The Rule of Thirds and symmetry are generally considered to be opposite. In this photo, I think the stronger principle is symmetry. I can see that the image is organized in three bands but this kind of composition is not what is meant by the Rule of Thirds.

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