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LL9-Painting with Light

  To making a photograph of painting with light, we need to use a tripod to hold the camera. Secondly, we change the aperture to f/11 to get a wide depth of field. Afterward, we use manual focus to focus … Continue reading

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LL7-Portrait Basics

I choose this photograph because it is a good example of short lighting that the side of Samantha’s face turned towards the camera is in more shadow. Besides that, it is also in three-quarter view.

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LL5-Shutter Speed

In my opinion, I think shutter speed is a measure of how long your camera’s focal point is exposed to light. As we change to high shutter speed, we can create either motion blur or frozen motion in the photograph. … Continue reading

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Light Direction

I choose this photograph because the contrast of the subject (flowers) and background, the dark background easily outlines the shape of the flowers. Secondly, I can see that the light in this photo is side lighting which increases the distance … Continue reading

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Photo description: Patrick Faigenbaum: Kolkata/Calcutta

  The photographic exhibition of Patrick Faigenbaum is exhibited in Aperture Gallery. When I come out from the elevator, I directly see the exhibition in the right side. All Patrick Faigenbaum’s photographs are hanging on the wall, and not a … Continue reading

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LL4-Brooklyn Bridge field trip

I chose this photograph from all photos I took from Brooklyn Bridge Park, because it showed interesting pattern including the texture of leaves and flower. Secondly, the position of this flower is one third of the photograph which conformed with … Continue reading

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LL3-Scavenger Hunt

This is my favorite photograph because it is tranquility. Besides that this photo is also a frame within a fame, my group members and I decide to use the door as a frame of the sun flower. At the same … Continue reading

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LL2-Composition: Photo Description

Based on this photograph, I see stair railings are leading lines and all of them point to the chair, so people can easily focus the chair at first sight; in addition, this photo is asymmetrical. Secondly, my group member takes … Continue reading

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Thomas Holton-The Lams of Ludlow Street

Thomas Holton is graduated from the School of Visual Art, and got the master in MFA photography, video, and related media. One of his famous photography works is called “The Lams of Ludlow Street”. In this photography work, Thomas Holton … Continue reading

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The Thing Itself

To me, I think the differences between photography and reality are first, people can see more details in a photograph which are ignored in their lives. Secondly, people also get resonance and feeling from the same photograph; besides that the … Continue reading

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