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LL 7- Portrait Direction

I chose this photograph of Lindsay because I found that the lighting was very interesting. On her half right side of the face there is a dark shadow casted so the lighting is dark. Then you see that towards the … Continue reading

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LL8- Portrait lighting for mood

Taking these portraits were a blast because you would really get up close and personal towards the subject. This photo was taken with a reflector in order to add lighting to the face. Here we see that the photo itself looks … Continue reading

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LL6- Lighting direction

I chose this photograph because I like the way the pedals on the top are falling down onto the flowers. It gives it more of a dramatic effect. Then we have the yellow and purple flower that are intwined with … Continue reading

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L5-Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is the length of time that the camera is exposed to light while taking a photograph. Shutter speed is often expressed in fractions of a second.When you have a higher number it will be a shorter about of time … Continue reading

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Light Painting

Painting of lights is the movement you make with the flash lights and the control of the camera’s shutter speed. I enjoyed working with painting with the lights because it was very entertaining. You have control in what you say or … Continue reading

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Exhibit Review

      In and out of the studio: Photographic Portraits from the West Africa is located at the Metropolitan Museum on the second floor, in the Mezzanine Gallery. As you get to the gallery you come across a big … Continue reading

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brooklyn park

I chose this photograph because I like how the warm colors of the leaf that contrast from orange to green. It really grabs your attention when you look at it because you also see that the leaf next to it … Continue reading

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Group 1: Scavenger Hunt

I liked this photograph best from the rest because its different. You can see a photo within a photo. My group and I were trying to capture the concept of technology. Nowadays phones are the biggest source of usage among … Continue reading

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This photograph the my group and I shot in class really fascinated me. I think this photograph stood out the most to me from the rest of the photographs because I really like the way the chair has this sort … Continue reading

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Michael Kenna took this photograph, in the year of 1998 in New York City. The name of the photograph is Central Park Reservoir. I found his work style very interesting and unique in many aspects. The photograph is quite interesting … Continue reading

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