homework due 11/13

goal: sequencing

objective: imply motion with sequencing

theme: motion

to do

    1. poster
    2. sketch


1. finalize your poster

When you poster is completed, save as a jpg

Upload to the poster folder on the Google Drive:

Correctly name files: course and section_season year_project name_your last name_first name

All lower case

For example: comd1200 f23_poster_smith_amy

2. sketch: Storyboard a “non-stop” motion gif

Your animation should help to covey your influencer’s philosophy?

Use your final poster design

What aspect of your influencer will you emphasize?

      1. use the template below
      2. sketch by hand to show 2 examples of motion
      3. your last frame should lead to your first frame.
      4. each animation has 6 steps
      5. your last cell should lead to the beginning.
      6. Upload to Miro


need ideas? Hold your phone over this icon to see an animation







Example of animation sketch:

motion animation example

Want to try to create your own?  Try  Biteable. it’s free



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