homework due 5/4 motion

Due: 8:30, Wednesday, 5/4

goal: motion

objective: imply motion with sequencing

theme: motion

category: Motion comment

to do

    1. watch and comment on Openlab
    2. motion
    3. finalize poster and upload to google drive


1  Watch and comment

    1. watch video
    2. Comment on Openlab: What type of transitions or specific actions make the animation feel like it had a “purpose.”
    3. Add a timestamp to your post
    4. category: Motion comment
    5. https://vimeo.com/69375692


2  Motion

Revise your sketch in 6 steps

Choose one direction

Start and end with your poster.

You will create a continuous loop that will look like there is no beginning or end

Use the template to show the progress

add your poster to the first and last item

Fill in the path between the two

Create 2 different paths

Upload to Miro








Notice how the action is on the type, not the image.

The DuBois poster emphasizes his accomplishments but “adding” them as a list









The Shepard Fairly poster emphasizes the word “obey,” a word Fairey uses often, by making it larger when the arrow touches it.


The Aaron Douglas poster emphasizes Douglas as the “father” of Black American Art







3 . finalize your poster and upload

When you poster is completed, save as a jpg

Upload to Google Drive:

Correctly name files: course and section_season year_project name_your last name_first name

All lower case

For example: comd1200 s22_poster_smith_amy

Add your image to the correct folder on Google Drive

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