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What to Do When You Identify a Student Having Challenges

Step 1: Login to Navigate using your CUNYfirst credentials. You can find the instructions here:

Step 2: Issue an Alert. This will notify the appropriate CityTech office that you have identified a student having difficulties.

Step 3: If you have a good rapport with the student, recommend that they go to the Student Success Center ( to find additional CUNY resources to address their challenges.

Note: Laws prohibit us from diagnosing conditions, recommending counseling, or asking questions regarding learning challenges. Refer students to the Student Success Center and/or send an Alert via Navigate. Allow the professionals to address these challenges and advise you on how best to handle it.

2023 Fall Semester: Faculty-Staff COVID Policy

For Fall 2023 semester, the following protocols should be followed by faculty and staff if they test positive for COVID-19:

Contact the Classified Staff Services office, HR Director Victor Humphrey at VHumphrey@CityTech.Cuny.Edu as soon as you test positive. You should notify the COMD department and course coordinator so substitute instruction can be arranged.

You should isolate (not return to campus) for 5 days after first testing positive. After 5 days you can return but must mask for 5 days if you are symptom-free. A negative test result or medical note is no longer required for clearance to return to campus.

Logging in to Classroom Computers for Faculty

Please watch this video to see how to login to classroom computers for faculty.

You can find more information here under the “City Tech Acvtive Directory (AD)” instructions:

The College Active Directory (AD) Domain Services is the core of the City Tech Windows Infrastructure. It provides authentication and authorization services as well as LDAP and web-services-based directory services.

Faculty/Staff AD
The faculty and staff AD account provides access to a variety of computing resources and online services.

You can use your City Tech AD credentials to access the following systems:

  • Desktop computer and Internet through FortiNAC
  • Campus Network Shares and Home Directories (H:\ and S:\)
  • Grouplink ticketing system
  • Cisco Jabber Phones
  • Application systems created by OCIS (Examples: DARRePARSEOFSR Secure Upload App)

Self-Service Password Reset for Faculty/Staff

Visit the COMD Spring Eggventure!

COMD Spring Eggventure! Promo – D.Greene, K.Alas

City Tech’s COMD Futures‘ Emerging Scholars collaborated with Membit Inc. this semester to launch the COMD Spring Eggventure, an augmented reality experience geolocated on the first floor of the Pearl Hallway at City Tech.

This virtual treasure hunt uses the augmented reality application Membit. To view the experience, download the app on your iPhone or Android and visit COMD on the first floor of the Pearl Building. Discover the ten virtual eggs hidden throughout the COMD Pearl Hallway. Please encourage your students to give it a try!

Contact COMD Futures Collaboratory or Prof. Jenna Spevack for more info.

COVID Policy: Feb 1, 2023

New Spring 2023 semester COVID-19 Campus Guidelines

Please note that the revised Guidelines from the University include the following changes relevant to City Tech, effective February 1, 2023: 

  1. Removal of COVID Visitors Policy – We will no longer require vaccination or testing for visitors.
  2. Reduction of Random Testing – We will move from testing of 10% of our population to 5%. 

Should you have concerns or questions, please reach out to Luis Venegas, City Tech’s Health & Safety Officer and COVID-19 Response Liaison.

For complete information regarding City Tech’s COVID-19 protocols and procedures, please visit **This site will be updated with the new guidelines in advance of February 1 implementation.**

‘Say Their Names NYC’ + Emerging Scholars

Say Their Names NYC – AR in Central Park

The COMD Futures Collaboratory, which aims to engage faculty and students in emerging technologies, is collaborating with the augmented reality/AR app membit to support Say Their Names NYC. This digital monument remembers African Americans killed by police brutality and racist violence.

If you or your students are interested in participating, please review the info below, and contact Prof. Jenna Spevack for more information.

Thank you!

A Call for ‘Say Their Names NYC’ Ambassadors

The San Diego African American Museum of Fine Art is looking for New York volunteer ambassadors to participate in the augmented reality/AR memorial project, Say Their Names NYC. This digital monument remembers African Americans killed by police brutality and racist violence and runs from Sept 16 – Oct 15. The memorial is geolocated in an area of Central Park that was once the thriving African American community, Seneca Village.

After a short training session, volunteer ambassadors will help by engaging park visitors, demonstrating how to use the AR app, membit, and providing support as needed.

Students are encouraged to participate in the project via application to the Emerging Scholars Program, which provides a $500 stipend for full-time students and a $250 stipend for part-time students for conducting research with a faculty member. First-year students may receive additional funding through the Robinhood Foundation Grant.

Say Their Names NYC (Instructions)

Student Collaborators Wanted For AR Project

City Tech’s COMD Department and the COMD Futures Collaboratory are excited to announce a partnership with, a geolocative augmented reality (AR) storytelling platform. The COMD Futures Collaboratory, conceived by Prof. Jenna Spevack to support faculty and student research in emerging technologies, will collaborate with Membit co-founder and CEO Jay Van Buren to engage COMD students and faculty in creative augmented reality research and academic projects.

Our inaugural research project will be an augmented reality exhibition that introduces viewers to the COMD Department through a virtual tour of student work with testimonials from current students and recent graduates using existing assets from recent BFA and Senior Project Shows and other promotional videos produced by COMD students and faculty. The AR exhibition will be geolocated in the COMD Department (Pearl Building), The Society of Illustrators’ MoCCAfest, and Hudson Yards, and will be viewable anywhere using the Membit app.

With support from Prof. Sara GĂłmez Woolley, City Tech Grace Gallery Director, we are looking for students of all levels to participate in this project via the Emerging Scholars Program which provides a $500 stipend for full-time students and a $250 stipend for part-time students for conducting research with a faculty member. First-year students receive additional funding through the Robinhood Foundation Grant. Students with skills/interests in storyboarding, image editing, 3D modeling, video editing, experience design, or just an interest in augmented reality are welcome to participate.

If you have a student who might be interested in this initiative, please send an email to Prof. Jenna Spevack, Prof. Jay Van Buren, and Prof. Sara Gómez Woolley or use the contact form on the COMD Futures Collaboratory OpenLab site.

Thank you!

2022 Spring Semester: Random Testing Instruction Guidance

There will be random testing of 5% of the CityTech college population, including fully vaccinated students, staff, and faculty.

Instructors should try their best to accommodate students who are unable to attend in-person classes due to testing positive and being unable to get onto campus. We are not able to verify their positive tests.

Please plan your in-person and hybrid courses for students who are caught in this situation. Have online resources, presentation slide decks, reading lists, and other information.

If students need more information about the process of getting back onto campus, or other COVID-related questions, send them to the CUNY COVID policies here: