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Welcome to the careers page for City Tech’s Department of Construction Management and Civil Engineering! Look here for career guidance and inspiration, job and internship postings, and resources related to scholarships, grad school and more.

Whether you are just getting started with no experience, are currently working, want to switch from field to office work or office to field work, or are switching industries entirely, there are people like you in our department and among our alumni.

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April 5-9, 2021 | It’s Career Week!

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Where are CMCE Alumni Working?

CMCE Alumni include graduates from all of our programs, depending on their interests and career needs.

In the Civil Engineering Technology associate degree program, our focus is on the fundamental concepts and technical skills required to create a wide range of career paths in the civil engineering profession. We balance practical knowledge with theory and encourage a lifetime of learning and leadership. Students are made aware of their ethical, social, and legal responsibilities as practicing professionals in this people serving profession.

In the Construction Management associate degree program, we prepare students for success within the professional practice of construction management. This preparation includes an understanding of the design, engineering, business, and technical principles and practices used in the construction industry. As future leaders in the construction industry, students are made aware of their ethical, social, and legal responsibilities as practicing professionals.

In the Construction Engineering Technology bachelor degree program, students are trained to enter a professional field which requires designing, planning, construction, and management of infrastructure. Construction engineers are a hybrid between civil engineers and construction managers. Coursework focuses on the design as well as the construction management of highways, bridges, airports, railroads, buildings, dams and utilities. This allows our graduates to understand both the design processes as well as the building requirements needed to design and build today’s infrastructure, particularly in New York City.

Questions about what to do next? CMCE Alumni are working all across the construction industry. Your hands on experience, certifications, and academic credentials can put you on any number of different paths. Read below for a snapshot of alumni job responsibilities and work sectors.

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CMCE Stories

The mission of the Department of Construction Management and Civil Engineering Technology at New York City College of Technology is to educate our students for careers in the fields of Construction Management and Civil Engineering Technology. Through excellence in teaching and community service, the department promotes opportunities for scholarly, personal, and professional growth. We value and will continue our long tradition of educating non-traditional students of diverse backgrounds for successful entry into the workforce. The department is committed to maintaining a diverse faculty of Professional Engineers, Architects, and Construction Managers thus enabling our graduates to be well prepared to support the diverse needs of the City of New York.

Want more inspiration? Our alumni share their own stories below.

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Anne Marie Sowder | Assistant Professor & CMCE Job Placement Coordinator